Monday, November 16, 2009

Birthday Wishes

WOW! I haven't posted anything in over a month! My deepest apologizes, but I have been busy with both freelance and working part time again at Wegmans. Yeah, I know last year I said I quit, but with this economic turmoil, I need a consistent weekly paycheck. I'm not giving up on my animation ambitions, but I am very grateful they took me back. That's why you should always leave on a high note. My frame of mind right now is to save, save, save. Any who, today is my birthday. I got some REALLY cool things (ie Curb Your Enthusiasm, Super Mario Bros Wii) but these are my birthday wishes.

1. My family's safety, health, and happiness

2. To work in a animation studio, East or West Coast

3. To make another independent short

4. To get one of my ideas out there in a big way

Happy Birthday to me!!


David Omar said...

Happy Birthday, James! I like your wishes especially number 2. I'll be going to the CTN expo to see what's up with the studios. Are you?


Phil said...

Happy Birthday dude!

Mr. Bob said...

Happy BDay (better late than never)... best of wishes, especially No. 2 and 3

RobochaoXX said...

Grue. You should just start up your own animation studio and open the doors to people that wanna join you in your conquest.

I want VIP status! And have a training facility.

Then we can just animate until we die.

Isn't it what life is all about?