Friday, February 29, 2008

Christina Ricci

Last Thursday night, the lovely Christina Ricci came to SVA to screen her new movie "Penelope", talk about her acting career, and what she does to prepare for a role. She says she draws out who she's going to play! How bout' that! I was so happy I finally got to see her in person. She's seems like such a kind and down to earth woman, and she's even more beautiful in person. I really liked Penelope because was a charming and feel good movie. I felt bad for Miss Ricci when all the film students started throwing their scripts to her. All I did was give her this picture I drew above. I reall hope I get to see her again. I would love if she did a voice over for one of my cartoons. You're the best, Christina Ricci!


The Flea said...

Those are awesome caricatures!
Good to know you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Hi man, what a cool drawing...And what is cooler is that you could see her on person, and talk to her...That is one of my biggest dreams. How was it? Did you take more pictures of the speech or something?

Well, here´s my email:, if you want to answer me. Thank you

Frank said...

You are lucky to have met Christina and have taken a picture with her! You certainly have a great talent Jim with your caricature of Christina. I am quite sure she liked what you did. Coud you tell me what kind of things she spoke about on how she prepares for roles, etc? Thanks.