Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big A

I've been avoiding doing this for awhile because I was afraid I was gonna cry, but what's the point of holding back anymore. This Sunday is my Grandmother, Angelina C.Sugrue's 85th Birthday. Unfortunately, grandma passed away April 8th, 2007. Angelina Sugrue, my grandmother, was one of the most terrific women I have ever met. One of my earliest memories as an infant was when grandma peeked over my crib, and picked me up in her arms. One of the funniest things I can remember was when I was 3, I thought my Grandma was Bugs Bunny. At the time, she sounded a little bit like him to me, and her white slippers reminded me of the white rim around Bugs Bunny's feet. If you look closely, they kinda look like slippers, don't they? Since 2003, I have been living with her while going to SVA. I'll never forget how, despite her age, she still cooked and put food on the table every night when I came home after a long day of school. Because of her, I have a better insight of how to get around Brooklyn, and I always enjoyed watching the news with her. Grandma always had something quirky to say whether it had to do with a petty street crime, politics, or a celebrity scandal. This post is to let my Grandma know how I, and the rest of my family, miss her dearly. One of the things I'll miss the most is the way grandma used to answer the phone with a cute and cheerful "hello!", how she refused to ever put a cigarette down, or how she was always by my side when I was on the floor animating my thesis film. She left our world right before I finished it. Angelina C. Sugrue. Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Friend for all time. I Love you so much Grandma!


Anonymous said...

This just made my day!

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you're amazing!!!