Friday, April 20, 2007

Two Comic-con Pics Dear To Me

These are two pictures from this year's comic-con. Truthfully, I'm not that big of a comic fan. I just appreciate the art form. The best part about this year's comic-con was taking pictures with two of my favorite cartoonist/animators Kyle Baker and Bill Plympton. Kyle Baker is the guy on top(we both wanted to make funny faces). He does a comic book about his family entitled "The Bakers", plus he did a newly updated version of "Plastic Man". Even more rubbery than Jack Cole's original comic!(no disrespect to Jack Cole because he was a great artist) The one at the bottom, Bill Plympton, is a pretty risque and totally out there independent animator whose has made more than a dozen animated shorts, most notably "Your Face, Guard Dog, Drawing Lessons#2, and 25 Ways to Quit Smoking". It was great to take pictures with them. The guy on the left of the Bill Plympton pic is my childhood friend, Chris Romans. He's a kick ass guy. Thanks for bringing you camera, Chris!

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