Friday, April 20, 2007

Peter Lorre's Cool

Does Anyone know who Peter Lorre is? He was a really cool actor during the golden age of hollywood movies. He usually was typcasted as a villain in movies such as "Maltese Falcon, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Casablana" and others. Although he did play a leading role as Mr.Moto, the sly oriental detective. I really want to see "Mad Love" because he plays a bald, evil scientist, but I can't find any copies of it. If anyone could help me, much appreciated


Cheryl said...

Hello to a fellow Peter Lorre fan! You're in luck, James, because a new print of "Mad Love" is now available on DVD. It's part of the "Hollywood Legends of Horror Collection", released fall, 2006. Go to this website -- -- and you can find out about all the Lorre films on DVD and VHS, as well as the full-length biography on Peter, "The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre". Good luck!


Jim said...

You're my hero! Thank you!

Cheryl said...

You're welcome, Jim! And if you purchase "The Lost One", I hope you enjoy it. The author, Stephen Youngkin, is a long-time friend of mine; I helped him with the research and proofreading for the book, especially the Appendix, which lists all of Peter's stage, film, radio, and TV credits.