Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

This week was our last week at the Titmouse office on 174 Hudson Street. We had some good times there, but Titmouse is moving to a new exciting part of the city. I can't wait to see our new office!

I, along with my co workers Greg Yagolnitzer, Alex Kwan, Louis Cerritos, and Jesse Aclin, had our own little office which we affectionatly dubbed "The Cool Dude Room". Greg and I just couldn't part with it.

My hand made ornaments for the Christmas party.

Dry Erase Memories

This Dry erase drawings are by Jacob Ospa, Jesse Aclin, Louis Cerritos, Alex Kwan, and myself.

My co worker, Kayla Reid challenged me to make one drawing out of a bunch of post its. I don't think it came to shabby. Thank you for inspiring, Kayla! Also, here are some left over post its

I got an iPad for Christmas, and one of my favorite apps to play with is the sketchbook pro app. It's not like a cintiq, but damn it's fun to draw on this thing!

That about wraps it up here. Seeya in 2012!


Jesse said...

A sad day indeed... will another room ever be as cool? or filled with as many doods?

Hailey Osterhaus said...

These are great!