Friday, July 15, 2011

I Said I'd Post More, Didn't I?

My Post it Drawings at work.

Sketches of my lovely(?) character, Bluehilda, the wild blue witch.

I miss animating the Warden.


Sandra Rivas said...

I love your character designs! They're so fun to look at! And your Warden expressions are the best!

Margo Pierce said...

I love your art dude, its so expressive and these are some of your best Warden doodles X) Soooooo.... Season 3? YES? I GOTTA KNOW!!

James Sugrue said...

thanks Sandra!

Hee, Margo, your Warden's are cool too! Season 3? Hmmm, I dunno yet. I'm usual in the dark about when stuff is green lit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though!