Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hex For Hire Storyboard Updates

Hey y'all! Here are some storyboard goodies for "Hex For Hire".

Um...don't ask what Bluehilda's doing here. More to come!


Malcolm said...

Speaking of Bluehilda, Were you able to find a voice for the animatic?

Andrew Imamura said...

Loving these boards James. :)

N. Eri said...

good jorb!

Daryl T said...

How's it going?

James Sugrue said...

Hey Malcom! Just for now, I'm gonna perform her voice since it's cheaper, but I am passing out auditions for another female character in the sghort

Thank you, Andrew and Naomi!

It's going fine, Daryl, but freelance work has been piling up, so I have not had a chance to further work on this, or my other shorts. But I'm gonna see it through!