Friday, February 13, 2009

NY Comic Con 2009

I'm not gonna lie. Things have been kinda slow for me. Looking for work, trying to stay motivated, etc. I thought I should at least share some pics from last weekend's NY comic con, the only day I can openly be a dork. Oh wait, I do that EVERY day.

April O'Neil? My cartoon crush in PERSON? Yeah, I know it is not really her, but I wonder if she's single?

This girl was at this section the first day. She was not there the next two days. I wonder if the fan boys scared her off?

I like Toitels!

My buddy, Steve.

Yeah, I wish I was this much of a chick magnet.

Me and Frederator great, Dan Meth

God, I'm getting that spidey and venom the minute they come out. I love previews of toys.

Candle Jack from Freakazoid. Best costume at the con, hands down. Oh crap! I said his name!

Wish I had this in my room.

My friend Luke with Pete "Chewy" Mayhew.

The GREAT John Romita. Jr. I waited an hour for him to sign one of my Spider Man comics. Totally worth it.

Wish my friend Misha could have seen this.

Should have worn my Venom costume for this pic. Would have made alot more sense.

Jamie Reed, American Gladiator. I met her once at my friend, Todd Broder's birthday party. I got connections.

Wish there was a recession price for these imported beauties.

My two video game icons, in their custom made mighty muggs glory.

The awesome Jim Lee. I got him to sign one of my Joker books before he left. Jealous?

My buddies Chris Romas, and Frank Calfa. I had alot fun last weekend. I was bummed I missed comic con last year, so I'm gonna make sure I'll never miss another one. it's a great oppurtunity to meet alot of cool artists. I gotta go. Candle Jack is pulling me away. One more thing...


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Niko Anesti said...

Haha, awesome. I was going to go, but plans fell through at the last minute, so I love seeing pictures from the event, heh.