Monday, January 26, 2009

Monster Drawings

I love monsters and demons. I think they're cooler than aliens and robots. Monsters seem to come in different varieties and species. They could be reptilian, furry, have claws, wings, fins, anything! I made up a species of demons for one of my future cartoons. I call them "Deoblins".
These two are a deoblin platypus and deoblin gilla monster. copyright of me.

Deoblin Scorpion Fish copyright of me.

I also like cute little creatures that turn into beast. It's cool when they progressively start to turn into a hulking behemoth. I made up this Wereowl for another one of my future copyrighted cartoons. This is the creature beginning to transform.

Transformation complete.

Piccolo Daimao, Tambourine and Cymbal from "Dragon Ball". Copyright Akira Toriyama, Bird Studios, Toei Animation.


Mitch K said...


Hell yes King Piccolo!

Bird of Paradise said...

the wereowl and a playing the song FOUL OWL on the PROWL