Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beautiful Burbank

I visited Burbank this week in search for job oppurtunies. Good ol' Fred Seibert helped me get appointments with very important people, such as Eric Homan from Frederator, Mark Taylor and Monique Beatty from Niceklodeon, Brian Miller and Jennifer Pelphrey from Cartoon Network, and Steve Hulett from the Animation Guild. They were all so nice!

This is the hotel I stayed at, the Safari Inn. It looked like a motel to me. Oh well. I had to sleep somewhere.

Some parts of Burbank were ok. Some were absolute gorgeous. My friend Josh Jularbal was gracious enough to take me around. His friends and I went to a really nice museum called the LACMA.

Cartoon Network was cool. They had these large statues of their characters! I should have taken pics!

I never eaten at a Big Boy before!

It was a nice place, except for this fellow. =)

Nickelodeon was a really cool studio. They had lots of art work and toys all over the place. And it was a nice walking distance from my hotel!

If I do get to go back to Burbank, I REALLY want to work on Mighty B. I love that cartoon! I drew these to get a feel for it.

Mighty B copyright of viacom, nickelodeon.

I loved drawing people on the plane. The fellow on the right was one of the people working at the hotel. Looked eccentric.

All in all, I had a very productive week. I hope the next time I go to Burbank, I'll be there doing my dream job, where ever it leads me!


Phil said...

awesome, you would be great to work on Mighty B, you really drew the characters WELLLL And i mean WELL

rad sechrist said...

those are really nice mighty B drawings