Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lucky Star...Not Too Bad!

I'm don't hate anime, but I'm not entirely crazy about it. I love Dragonball, One Piece, Golden Boy, Anzumanga Daioh, and Hiyo Miyazaki movies, but no matter what, I always run into the same story. Hero has a pure heart and wants to be strongest in the world, giant robots feel pain like humans, old man has a lolita complex, ditzy girl falls over exposing her undies, huge sweat drops, super deformed takes, boat loads of tragedies, someone dies and comes back to life, etc. Even though I've been off the anime train for awhile, I did find one redeeming Japanese cartoon show entitled "Lucky Star". You won't find exposed undies, melancholy romance, or pocket monsters in this show. Lucky Star deals with something that anime rarely ever does....ENJOYING REAL LIFE. The show is a slice of life comedy that centers around four high school girls and their every day lives. It's sort of like watching a four panel comic strip on TV. You have Konata(middle), the ultimate otaku fan who can give a damn about school work, Kagami(right), the shy but snappy straight man, Tsukasa(far left), the kind but simple minded twin sister of Kagami, and Miyuki(glasses) the polite yet clumsy straight A student. Yes, it has the typical anime cutesy girlie look. But you know what? It's probably one of the most refreshing, enjoyable Japanese cartoons I've seen in a LONG time, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It actually makes me laugh! People consider Lucky Star in the category "Anime Moe", which means having an attraction or fetish to cute characters in anime cartoons, comics, or video games.

Gee. And all this time, I thought "Anime Moe" meant something like this. Sayonara.


Phil said...

Lucky Star is really cute, and you drew em cute as well

Avi said...

Wow! Awesome drawings of the characters!