Friday, January 4, 2008

Animating Like a P-COK

Here's the latest cartoon I got to help out with at Frederator. I got to animate all the lovely peacocks dancing. Dan Meth is becoming one of my favorite animators. Not only is he a great artist, singer, writer, but he's also a great director. He always gives me excellent critiquing on how I should execute things, and he's giving me a chance to try out different things rather than just "wacky animation" which some of you are accustomed to. I'm also becoming better at working with flash, which I think is a Godsend. Make sure you watch Dan's Stuff on Youtube and visit his websites! Links are on the left hand side of this blog, so don't hesitate to visit! I want my friends to see how great Dan is. Besides, he wrote something nice about me =)


CresceNet said...

Gostei muito desse post e seu blog é muito interessante, vou passar por aqui sempre =) Depois dá uma passada lá no meu site, que é sobre o CresceNet, espero que goste. O endereço dele é . Um abraço.

The Flea said...

Congrats on the praise. After watching this video and reading that blog, I'm officially inspired again!
What an awesome way to start the new year. :D