Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Going Back To School

Been feeling kinda burnt out lately. I haven't felt too inspired for the past 4 weeks. This usually happens around December anyway. I signed up for continuing education classes. One is for voice acting, the other is for painting. Considering the hula painting below, I need it. I don't even know how I should finish it! Besides, lil' modern education hurt nobody.

But enough of my bitching. Enjoy these two Meth Minute Shorts I got to work on! I did the girls in the beginning and the fruit bats for the Lazer Hearts cartoon, and I did the girls walking for The Craigs. The Craigs are hilarious. Oh, and I changed my blog title. Can anyone tell me how to make it bigger? Dan? Adam? Frank? Anyone?

1 comment:

matt said...

James, nice! Thanks for checking out the blog. I'll put your link up. Awesome your taking classes! Keep going.