Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is a storyboard I did back during my sophomore year at SVA. Captions are at the bottom for each scene. I keep telling myself to animate this, but I keep forgetting! May next year(if I don't forget again!). Happy Turkey Genocide Day!

Turkeys gobble amongst themselves

Preacher Turkey walks up

Preacher puts his hands out

"My Feathery Brothers!"

"The day of reckoning is among us!"

"Thanksgiving Day! Also know as Turkey Genocide!"

"I could see it now!"

"The axes come down....

....giblet gravy will pour on our beheaded, plucked carcasses!"

"And will be surrounded by...

Mashed Potatoes...

Corn on The Cob....

....And the most terrifying of all...


Turkeys begin to gobble in agony

" Oh lord, cranberries!"

"BUT, There is hope."

"Let's raise our waddles high, and pray to the lord that we
will find refuge from the hungry humans, so the forks of
oppression will not rain down upon us! Who's with me!?"





Avi said...

Man, this is awesome!

James Sugrue said...

Why Thank you!Happy Turkey Day!

Robert said...

Dude, I remember that storyboard! good times. Happy Thanksgiving dude.

The Flea said...

Whoa. . that's weird. The title of my last blog was Happy Turkey Genocide Day! Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY/THANKSGIVING! :)

Megacore said...