Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ollie Oly Oh!

I have this idea for a REALLY crazy show called "Ollie Oly Oh!" It's about two hyperactive 6 year old kids named Ollie and Oly. Ollie Oly Oh is named after spaghetti dish with olive oil.(At least that's what my mom told me) They are twin brother and sister who get into alot of trouble and reek havoc in their quiet suburban neighborhood. Sort of like a Hansel and Gretal on crack. Here are some early drawings.

This is their pet hamster/mascot, Peenee, who suffers no end of pain because of the kids' wild antics. I made a cartoon about him 2 years ago. Check it out here

Their transvestite neighbor. He's a weird guy, but a loyal friend to Ollie and Oly.

The last two at the bottom are newer designs of the kids. I might keep changing them, if I come up with some more ideas

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Phil said...

Those are some hyper-ass kids! Their neighbor! LOL nice stuff as always.